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Friday, July 29, 2011

Love this blog :)

Prop Insanity

No more blogging for me

I have decided because of just pure time restraints, I will no longer update my blog. I raise 6 awesome kids and run a full time business. Oh internet, I need more time to run a blog too. There just isn'e enough time to do everything.
However! I will post all my sessions on my facebook account and you can also see my work on my website. Come and visit me there :)



Monday, November 8, 2010

Earl & Martina are married at Town manor

There mother's went to college together. But after 30 years of less and less contact they bumped into each other one day. That's when Earl and Martina first met, thru their mother's. Earl said " She didn't like me at first" and Martina laughs. But, after the second time they spent time together, things turned for the better and the rest is history.

When they met with me for the first time back in July, the joke was...that Earl was a groom-zilla. What....not Earl! YES! Earl. He likes the details and he likes the "knowing" & all the planning. He wants to know what will happen and when. But, on their wedding day he was a graceful groom, and allowed Town Manor to handle every detail in their most spectacular way & he was the best Groom-zilla I have ever spent the day with!

I think Earl's best man gave the best toast I have ever heard and said the most kind things about him. Martina's Maid of Honor said Martina was "lucky" for having such a great family. I think she was right....This wedding was filled with laughter, hugs, and friendship. I couldn't ask for a better job! Congratulations to you both!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Catching up is hard to do!

The title to this post is true! The song must be my theme song. With 6 kids and a business, blogging sometimes gets put on the back burner. So, this post will take a little pressure off myself and to catch up for a few sessions over the summer. I thought I would post just post one picture from each session to highlight a few favorites from the busy summer. I will try and post another with some more highlight from this summer as well. If you would like to see more on any of these sessions, please visit my website http://www.mindymier.com/ then link to my facebook page from there, where I hightlighted them in more detail. :) Happy Monday!

These three are the best! The twins on the left and their cousin have been coming to me since their birth's. So sweet, and as you can see, I had to bring "somthing" to keep them still!

This is Savannah. I have been photographing this family since her mommy and daddy were married. She was entering a baby contest. These were not the exact poses we entered, I liked these two. She was so cute, and looks just like her parents.Natural light photographs make my heart happy. Again, one of my brides and close friends. This session is one of my favorites I think. Probably because she chose to wear green, and that is my favorite color!This is their little baby when she arrived. Nothing like the smell of a new baby. Danielle, has such a big heart and sweet spirit. I love this girl, it has nothing to do with that she is my neice. She really is amazing :)
Being 6 is so much fun. Little model, I guess with eyes like those you don't need much more. Nuf said. :)
Rachel is such a sassy girl. She actually pick thru my props and made her own style all her own.
Skylor turned one and we had fun with a smash the cake session, and of course a few more to celebrate his birthday! Love this Birthday boy!
Lake was just starting to sit up during this period, and was such an angel, I got pictures to prove it :)
Professional pictures are a great way to show off your business. People want to know who they are doing business with, I know I do.
Ben had his sesion session, and had lots of his own props to work in. I love senior sessions, their laid back and fun.
And if you like to see more of these sessions, just go to my website, then link to my facebook page. http://www.mindymier.com/

Monday, June 21, 2010

Jennifer & Daniel are Marrried at Kenilworth Lodge

The one thing I like most is becoming friends with my clients. Normally I spend most of my time with them throughout the day, and we become somewhat closer than we started. That is just my view on the day. But this time it wasn't just my view. When I arrived Jennifer said we're going to to be best friends today. I just wanted to squeeze her! Not because I don't already have a BFF or I thought that after the wedding we would go shopping together....but merely because I love being my brides friends, even just for the day. It's like I'm included in the fairytale of the day.....and that would make me the fairy photograper, right?

Jennifer was determined not to cry on her wedding day. So, on occasion she would bust out with comments and statistics of the sporting game was played just the day prior. It worked wonders for the mood, because I didn't see one tear, at least untill later that is ;-)
Her wedding was so beautiful, and the kenilworth Lodge was amazing and at their best.

Jennifer got each one of the girls a little somthing. It was like a bridesmaid christmas. They were so cute opening their gifts.

Jennifer's father was the proudest man in the hotel. He was glowing with pride for his daughter. At one point, he had me retake a picture, because he wasn't smiling just quite enough. I love to see that kind of adoration in families....especially between a father and daughter!

The kenilworth Lodge is so spectacular at what they do, and the details were amazing.

Monday, June 7, 2010

A Perfect "Pair"

Antionette & Jerry are the perfect "pair". Their wedding was at the Ramada at Celebration. Splashes of green in every shade decorated their reception. They are both such sweet people and with such class they made a day so full of love and memories for all that attended. I loved seeing their friends have such a great time. Here are a few pictures to help highlight their special day together.

Event Planning to a "T" decorated and made magic happen with the decor. They did such an awesome job and it was so nice to work such great ladies.

They had Arnold & Ramon professional cigar rollers from "serafin De Cuba Cigars" for their reception, a highlight for the guys I might say.