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Monday, June 21, 2010

Jennifer & Daniel are Marrried at Kenilworth Lodge

The one thing I like most is becoming friends with my clients. Normally I spend most of my time with them throughout the day, and we become somewhat closer than we started. That is just my view on the day. But this time it wasn't just my view. When I arrived Jennifer said we're going to to be best friends today. I just wanted to squeeze her! Not because I don't already have a BFF or I thought that after the wedding we would go shopping together....but merely because I love being my brides friends, even just for the day. It's like I'm included in the fairytale of the day.....and that would make me the fairy photograper, right?

Jennifer was determined not to cry on her wedding day. So, on occasion she would bust out with comments and statistics of the sporting game was played just the day prior. It worked wonders for the mood, because I didn't see one tear, at least untill later that is ;-)
Her wedding was so beautiful, and the kenilworth Lodge was amazing and at their best.

Jennifer got each one of the girls a little somthing. It was like a bridesmaid christmas. They were so cute opening their gifts.

Jennifer's father was the proudest man in the hotel. He was glowing with pride for his daughter. At one point, he had me retake a picture, because he wasn't smiling just quite enough. I love to see that kind of adoration in families....especially between a father and daughter!

The kenilworth Lodge is so spectacular at what they do, and the details were amazing.

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